RINOFANTO DEVELOPMENT - is a full-cycle, investment and development company operating in the real estate field for the implementation of residential and commercial projects.


Our Mission.

Investing in Real Estate: for us, it’s anticipating the Future!

Our passion is to combine innovation and dreaming, Create unique living spaces in which we ourselves would like to live and work. #WeWouldLiveThere.

Each of our residential projects is a revolutionary design, capable of anticipating living spaces according to the lifestyles of the future.

It is always a project inspired by dream and passion, the engines of our business.

Our enthusiasm comes from constantly contributing to building the best possible life, ensuring:

  • – to our customers unique, ultra-modern living spaces that can increase the quality of life;
  • – To our investors capital value over time;
  • – our employees the most favorable environment to develop their potential.

While the world is constantly evolving, we anticipate change with courage, as pioneers of entrepreneurial innovation.



RINOFANTO employs a team of highly qualified architects who professionally work out the most congenial architectural solutions for our projects.


Technological innovation is progressing at a relentless pace and is now the basis of modern construction. Our engineers and technicians screen any new developments that can be applied for the optimization of the final result. Proven efficiency of up to 30 percent.


Controlling project budgets and costs is one of our primary tasks. Each of our projects is monitored in terms of time and efficiency through innovative tools.


Promoting a property is a complex activity and requires a multidisciplinary approach. We know that marketing development plays a decisive role in bringing our projects to success, which is why we adopt accurate, effective and winning strategies.


Thanks to our partnership with Archventil Studio, we are able to give full support to all our projects. Winners of several international competitions, the firm’s professionals take care of the design and redefinition of interior spaces, succeeding in characterizing environments in creative and functional ways.


We provide investment advice and real estate appraisals (search for the most attractive properties, technical appraisals and reports on the income potential of land, buildings and buildings).


  • Architectural design of real estate and building areas, obtaining administrative approvals and building permit.
  • Implementation of construction and installation works, monitoring of project budget and costs, handover of the property and drafting of minutes.
  • Property management (maintenance, renovations, tenant management, security services, complementary services).
  • Identification and evaluation of areas of greatest appeal.
  • P.R. activities aimed at creating a positive image of the project and the actors involved in it.
  • Feasibility study aimed at analyzing the appropriateness and risks of the work. Business plan drafting.
  • Pre-design analysis. Technical and economic feasibility projects.
  • Preparation and drafting of technical documentation necessary for obtaining authorization documents.
  • Legal support for projects.
  • Management of current paperwork with local authorities and the public.
  • Attraction of capital for real estate development.
  • Identification of the most suitable financing arrangements and monitoring of their implementation, including control over financial flows.
  • NEW PROJECTS IN 2023We are looking for real estate and land for new projects!