Riva Residence

New “Riva Residence” project in the “Prada Foundation” area is set within a courtyard with independent access, will be surrounded by private greenery, terraces and courtyard property.

"Lime Tree Court" Urban villas surrounded by greenery.

With the pandemic, fatigue with enclosed spaces and forced living in traditional apartments has increased demand for this type of property.Tired of overcrowded houses without balconies, now Italians living in big cities are dreaming of villas, cottages and single-family homes.

"Nolo Garden" A new way of living in Milan.

The project involves the construction of 10 exclusive apartments each developed on 2 levels, with high ceilings and terrace or interior patio. It is precisely the presence of a private green space that lends additional specificity and attractiveness to each of the housing units that are part of the complex.


The project involved the transformation of spaces used as workshops in a historic area in downtown Milan into a residential “mini-complex” called “Orti Loft Residence” and consisting of several “loft” style apartments.


High-tech pharmaceutical industry in line with GMP standards. The production facilities are spread over a total area of 14,000 square meters within an area that houses nine other buildings of different uses.


Villa in Lugano, Switzerland. Custom project combining the classic architectural style typical of the region with ultra-modern technology.

  • Automated completion - advanced home automation system.
  • New energy technologies: solar panels, heat pump.
  • Central ventilation and air conditioning system.
  • Green building. A high-engineering project studied in detail.

Skyscraper in Likhoborka area, Moscow, Russia

The design idea was to create a building whose floor plan allows for maximum flexibility in internal planning and operation. Module-based unit organization system, such as structural and engineering allow each owner of each individual apartment to plan the space exclusively for himself or his family.

Renovation of the Likhoborka Former Industrial Area, Moscow, Russia

The main idea of the project was to increase the attractiveness of the area. The project proposes the maximum use of greenery. Various services are also present: sports fields, parks, stores, restaurants and bars, schools and kindergartens. The area is surrounded by parking spaces, which makes it possible to reduce the presence of cars in the area as much as possible.